FireSmart & Summer Pruning

Be FireSmart This Season

Have you ever wondered how vulnerable your property is to wild fires?

In 2018 more of B.C. burned in wildfires than any other year on record. Make sure to take precautions to protect your home from catastrophic wildfires this season.

Fire Smart BC suggest taking these steps to reduce the susceptibility of your property to wild fire;

  • Clearing all plants and other vegetation from within 10m of a structure
  • Ensuring that there are no trees or other vegetation overhanging the roof
  • When planting new trees consider planting deciduous species such as birch and aspen.
  • Avoid planting coniferous trees such as spruce, fir, pine and cedar
  • Deciduous trees are resistant to wildfire where as coniferous trees are highly flammable and should not be with in 10m of your home.

Figure 1: BC FireSmart Home Owners Manual, Government of BC, BC Fire Smart Home Owners Manual, digital image, accessed 18/03/2019 industry/forestry/wildfire-management/prevention/prevention-home community/bcws_homeowner_firesmart_manual.pdf

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Summer Pruning

The Benefits Of Summer Pruning

Most growth occurs during the Spring time and by early Summer interior growth can become thick.

When a tree has too many branches you may start to notice defected limbs, broken branches and crowding. Maintaining your trees by pruning allows for stronger & healthier branch structure in future as well as improving your trees appearance.

As a general rule, Spring flowering trees and shrubs should be pruned soon after their flowers fade, in late spring / early summer.

For more information on maintaining your trees please contact us, we'd be happy to provide you with a free quotaion!

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