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Late fall, before the snow, is the ideal time to prune.

Once most of the leaves drop off of trees, we can see trees’ branch patterns. Arborists actually have optimal access when trees are dormant. Limbs are lighter and easier to handle, and leafless tree structures are easier to see. This is critical for performing an effective, healthy dormant pruning job.

We recommend dormant pruning to our clients for a number of reasons;

  • A more precise prune is possible
  • Dormant pruning helps support disease management.
  • Dormant pruning keeps trees sustained through the season.
  • Removing weak or damaged branches clears that tree of limbs that may break off in the winter weather.
  • Spring growth can be healthier and ready to enjoy at the start of the season.

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We wanted to reach out to let you know about our capabilities when it comes to stump grinding; we have a powerful new piece of kit!

Silverback Treeworks can offer an effective and efficient solution for removing stumps thanks to our powerful stump grinder, which can handle stumps of any shape or size! Our machine uses a rotary blade to chip away at the stump, this allows us to remove stumps and roots with ease and precision while minimising site disturbance and costs compared to excavating.

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